Keenan Allen’s agent refutes Chargers GM’s claim he gave WR multiple options

Keenan Allen’s agent refutes Chargers GM’s claim he gave WR multiple options
Los Angeles Chargers Head of Player Personnel Joe Hortiz fashioned like he kept many a trade negotiations for Keenan Allen over the weekend to the bears.

He reportedly told the press he mentioned and even explained all the ways to them. But none of them worked.

However, Allen’s agent, Joby Branion, denies Allen’s previous comments about Hortiz ignoring his efforts to stay in tune with the player were deliberately made to mislead.

“To be clear, only one offer was made,” Branion tweeted. “It was a pay cut for 2024 with a 2-year extension (and both years had even deeper cuts to his current pay). We made a counter offer. It was rejected. Then we were informed of the Chargers’ intention to trade Keenan Allen.”

Even though the absolute truth on what exactly had happened between the two parties isn't well known, it is, however, known that the San Diego Chargers did indeed inquire from Allen about lowering his $23.1 million cap hit in 2024 which he wasn't the least interested in.

Off the field, in the interview after he was brought in by Chicago Bears, 31-year-old Allen quoted, “I'm not doing it!”, then, he continued “I'm not doing it!”. This happened after his best season, thus it isn't going to happen.

In Allen's 108 receptions and 1,243 yards per game, new career highs were also set, and his 150 targets and 7 Rook of the Years were all second to Rook of the Year achievements.

Capped out of the cap and with the March 13 deadline (to make the cap), the Chargers opted to trade the young Allen to the Bears for a just the 2024 fourth-round pick.

In addition to the Chicagoaxis, the Джеймстаун axes and the Saint Lorentaxes were among the three cities reportedly making offers to Allen alongside the Houstonaxis and the New Yorkaxis.