Denzel Washington Thrill Ride "Out of Time" Now Streaming on HBO Max

Denzel Washington Thrill Ride "Out of Time" Now Streaming on HBO Max

Long live fans of the pulse-pounding and Denzel Washington thrillers. Watch the movie “Out of time” – a 2003 neo-noir mystery movie that you can stream now on HBO Max. The crime thriller directed by Carl Franklin and written by John Romano features Washington as Chief Matthias Reyes, a Miami cop pursuing truth in an attempt to beat a frame-up.

A Gripping Race Against Time

“Out of time” makes viewers dizzy with apprehension, as he Reyes attempts to solve an explosive case of an arson fire. Reyes needs his sharpness and cleverness if he wants to survive with his own department chasing him and a net of deceptions weaving around him and uncover this main perpetrator. It also features fast-paced action scenes, snappy exchanges filled with wit, and a few surprising plot turns that won’t let you take your eyes off the screen until the last moment.

The story, in particular, is enhanced by a stellar cast.

The role of the conflicted and determinate Reyes was brilliantly played by Washington. An impressive cast comprising of Eva Mendes, Sanaa Lathan, Dean Cain and John Carroll Lynch helps him on the mission. Their chemistry just adds another element of intrigue to the story, especially between Washington and Mendes.

Critical Acclaim and Audience Adoration

The film “out of time” received acclaim after it made it into cinemas in 2003.qpoint It made over $150 million at the box office and attracted positive reviews for the taut narrative, first-class acting and cool visual style. The movie is now considered a neo-noir cult classic among its aficionados.

Where to Watch

If you love thriller and suspense movies, then “Out of Time” should be your number one choice. You can start watching the film which is being streamed only on HBO MAX.

Pop up your corn and turn down the lights for what would be a bumpy ‘ride’ for Denzel Washington in “Out of Time”. It would be worth it!