Why Donovan Jackson is opting in for Cotton Bowl bounce-back opportunity

Why Donovan Jackson is opting in for Cotton Bowl bounce-back opportunity

Columbus, Ohio – December 16, 2023 –  Although the sting of the Michigan defeat won’t go away, the flame of competitiveness will only continue burning brighter for Ohio State left guard Donovan Jackson. In a bold decision, Jackson has rejected the NFL Draft in favor of leading the Cotton Bowl for Ohio team with a clear intention to wrap something up in unfinished business and to build his legacy even stronger on individual achievement.

A Bouncing Board, Not a Stepping Stone: Several people anticipated that he should have joined the NFL, since many had pinned Jackson as a probable mid-round prospect. Alternatively, he has opted to remain in Columbus where he believes the Cotton Bowl is an opportunity to be redeemed and grow. “Ash in my mouth was left by the Michigan game” Jackson confessed. “I owe that to my own self, to my teammates, and to Ohio State to come back, get up off the ground, and perform the way we are actually able.”

More Than Just a Game: For Jackson, it’s more than a win or lose situation at the Cotton bowl. Its about incomplete business and shutting up critics. “We’ve been told there’s a story out there that suggests we are not a side that can take home the major trophies,” he exclaimed. The Cotton Bowl will be another opportunity for us to bust that story and let every one know what Ohio State football means.

Leadership by Example: Several of Jackson’s teammates have also agreed with him on this issue. The Buckeyes will gain new spirit through Owusu’s dedication to these teams and other fellow players taking after him. Quarterback C.J. Stroud added, “Donovan’s choice speaks volumes.” That is the kind of leadership needed to get back on track.

Taking the Stage in Texas: Jackson is looking forward to winning in the Cotton Bowl stage. He proves that he will never give up and that he is a highly competitive person through this decision. He recognizes that it is about being under pressure and about seizing the day. “I am not doing this for myself,” Jackson stressed. “We don’t need to show you our heart to prove we deserve to be in the National Championship. This is about Ohio State! This is about taking our position on the biggest stage.”

Put your calendars down as the Cotton Bowl will be there for Donovan Jackson and the Ohio State Buckeyes as they look forward to rewriting their story and setting off to the 2024 year on a positive note. Go Bucks!

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