'Letterkenny' Season 12 Cast and Character Guide: Check Out Who's Appearing In The Final Season

'Letterkenny' Season 12 Cast and Character Guide: Check Out Who's Appearing In The Final Season

Holy crap, you're telling me that Letterkenny is going to have its final season This show has become a must-watch for me because of its simplicity, how it captures the essence of rural life in a comic way and how it keeps its audience engaged.

The show is always funny because of its characters. For instance, in the scene where the Hicks fight with the Skids and Hockey Players, or the time when they enter a fancy club and they don't fit, it is hilarious. The characters always get into humorous situations and do them with a Canadian twist. Well, the time has come for us to say goodbye to Season 12 of this show, and we know it is going to be epic, with its iconic moments, humor, and of course, the infamous Canadian flag curse words!

Great news! All we have to do is wait for six more days and then we can binge-watch all the episodes of Letterkenny Season 12 on Hulu starting from 26th December. But first, we need to know what season 12 fans can anticipate.

Jared Keeso as Wayne

Jared Keeso portrays Wayne, the undisputed leader in the Hicks' group. Wayne is a mediocre farmer that loves his job. He performs a wide range of tasks such as rock picking and bean cultivation. He likes hunting rodents. He takes pride in selling his produce. Rocking a no-nonsense attitude,

He is a very strict person and doesn't tolerate any kind of disrespect or nonsense. He always speaks in a boring voice, with an accent from Ontario. Wayne, who is the coolest and strongest person in Letterkenny, says that he only fights when he or his friends are being hurt.

They like to check out Keeso in Shoresy, the hockey-themed version of Letterkenny. We can also watch the show on Hulu.

Nathan Dales as Daryl

Nathan Dales portrays the character of Daryl, a buddy of Wayne from his childhood. Daryl and Wayne, they've known each other since they were kids. They've shared some pretty awesome moments together, like that time they threw eggs at that pickup with the Confederate flag on it. That was a wild ride, for sure!

Daryl might not be the most sophisticated person when it comes to social interactions, but he has a certain charm about him. He often mispronounces words like 'basket'. He seems boring, but actually he has so much to offer! Underneath his rough exterior, there is a smart and curious guy, who possesses a wide range of words that he uses in casual conversation.

Well, I’m a huge Letterkenny fan and Dales was like one of the original main cast members in the web series, right?

Michelle Mylett as Katy

Michelle Mylett portrayed the character of Katy Hicks, the younger sister of Wayne. I often see Katy and she always stands out because she is very independent, confident and free-spirited. Sometimes she comes off as a hater of men, but when she finds a man she likes she likes to be the one in control and can tell him off regularly.

Katy has a strong bond with her older brother, and she is very concerned about his wellbeing. Wayne's former girlfriend, Angie, is the target of her extreme hatred due to the intense animosity she feels towards her for cheating on her brother.

Mylett had starred in several roles before portraying Letterkenny in South Park. Prior to that, he had played Jamie in Antisocial franchise and Jamie in the series Four in the Morning.

Trevor Wilson as Dan

What is the name of the character Trevor Wilson plays? Even though I didn't grow up with Wayne and Katy, I still spend a lot of time with their family, the Hicks. Dan is an essential member of farming activities and is generally present along with the Hicks and Daryl at the farm.

Dan is known for his habit of lengthy storytelling, large extended family and rude behavior of sharing his personal life information. Dan may appear averaged out, but he has a lot of knowledge and his thought is quite profound. Equal rights are an important issue for him. Well, he has been involved in women's studies courses, and that's women, right?

Wilson's amazing performance in Letterkenny helped him get nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series award in the 6th Canadian Screen Awards.

Dylan Playfair as Reilly

In the Letterkenny universe, Dylan Playfair plays the role of Reilly, who is initially presented as an arrogant, selfish and carefree young hockey player. Throughout the series, there is a noticeable change in Reilly’s character. He moves from a naive and reckless teenager to a more mature, thoughtful, and empathetic individual. This evolution of his personality challenges the initial perception of him as a one-dimensional character.

Reily is a sports enthusiast and his language reflects his interests. He talks to Jonesy a lot and he seems to be really good at improvising what he says.

I remember that time when Charlie was just one year old, when he started doing yoga to calm his little soul. By the way, did you know that Kobe Bryant was a big fan of yoga too?

Andrew Herr as Jonesy

Andrew Herr portrays Jonesy, a hockey athlete and mentor, who is extremely close to his best pal Reilly. Just like Reilly, Jonesy seems arrogant and selfish at first glance.

This is evident when the coach calls him out for prioritizing the hockey player's lifestyle over winning, labeling him and Reilly as 'poseurs'. --- After receiving criticism, the duo took it upon themselves to work harder on their fitness levels and analyze game footage to please their coach.

Herr also appeared in the 'Letterkenny Problems' short 'Hockey Players' where he played the role of an unnamed hockey player.

Tyler Johnston as Stewart

Tyler plays Stewart, the leader of 'The Skids.' Yea! Stewart’s basement is really cool. They have so many different games to play and stuff like that which makes it super fun and interesting too. And sometimes they do that drug experimentation thing there too, but I guess that’s just if they feel like it! Stewart's fashion refers to the goth/emo subculture.

Johnston gained recognition for his work in films and TV shows, particularly for his portrayal of Danny Lubbe in the HBO series Less Than Kind and Tommy Webber in the TV movie Story of a Girl. In addition to his roles in Canada, he is best known for portraying Samandriel on the widely watched television program Supernatural.

Evan Stern as Roald

Evan Stern portrays Roald, who belongs to the Skids gang in Letterkenny. Roald has a tough time with his parents because they find it hard to comprehend his sexual orientation. It's ironic that they named their son after Roald Dahl, the author of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

Well, apart from the movie, he is widely recognized for his part in RoboCop and The Void too.