John Oates Talks Partnership With Daryl Hall Amid Legal Conflict: ‘I Don’t Like to Live in the Past’

John Oates Talks Partnership With Daryl Hall Amid Legal Conflict: ‘I Don’t Like to Live in the Past’

John Oates has talked about his relationship with Daryl Hall, his former bandmate, even though they are still involved in lawsuits.

I have heard that Oates and Hall are making news because of some issue over their business partnership. According to the reports, Oates wants to sell his stake in their company. The news about the legal case against Hall and Oates came out bit by bit. At first it was reported that Hall had filed a restraining order against Oates, which prevented him from selling his share of their music business to Primary Wave Music.

David Yontef mentioned in his recent podcast interview that the music made by the duo, which has encompassed some of the most recognizable hits like “Rich Girl,” “Private Eyes,” and “I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)”, would be able to keep up with the test of time. However, he has accepted that he has left that experience behind.

Well, no matter what we do, it will never reach the level of Hall & Oates’ songs, especially after their decades of expertise. “I’m really proud of what we created together.”

However, Oates noted that he does not enjoy reminiscing about the past. He likened this to when a person goes to a museum to see beautiful paintings or exhibitions, but eventually, their feet start to ache and they think, “You know what?” I cannot wait to get out of here and be done with it.

He said, "It's just a matter of living in the present"

According to Oates, being always on the road didn't give him any time to think about his fame. There were a lot of business requirements that we had to fulfill, which were quite demanding. Daryl and I were extremely successful and popular in the entertainment industry. We had continuously had the top record. We were always on the move, visiting different countries and exploring new places. Most people believe that was the peak of my life, but truthfully, it wasn't my most enjoyable period.

Earlier this month, Oates was revealed as the Anteater on Season 10 of “The Masked Singer.” Speaking with Variety, Oates said of the lawsuit: “I don’t feel comfortable sharing that with others.” Yeah I really don't feel like discussing this right now. I guess everything will just figure itself out in due time.

The companyPrimary Wave owns the musical rights of of many renowned singers and bands. For instance, they own the rights of Bob Marley, James Brown and more. They bought a considerable share in their music rights 16 years ago. It seems that Hall feels sorry that he does not own all publishing rights for himself.

The case details are kept sealed by the judgment because there are parts of the lawsuit that must remain confidential according to the confidentiality agreement that Oates breached. The judge made a decision to keep the case details under seal.