Carolina Panthers roster still disappoints in latest NFL rankings

Carolina Panthers roster still disappoints in latest NFL rankings

Even given all of the changes Carolina Panthers made through the course of the past few months to their roster, according to the Pro Football Focus the team still belongs to the ranks of the weak thirds. 

A sampling of a Pro Football Focus gave a roster ranking of all 32 NFL teams. The team wide survey ranking of NFL teams concluded that the San Francisco 49ers (Rank 1), the Kansas City Chiefs (Rank 2) and the Philadelphia Eagles (Rank 3), led the packs. 

The Carolina Hurricanes were not mentioned until the thirty mark and the teams are a consistent team in the middle of the pack that must constantly reload.  

In the 2023 season, Jim Wyman and Dalton Wassermann laid down the strength and weakness that each team held. It also mentioned each team’s x-factor, top rookie prospect, and predicted over/under win total heading into the 2024 season.

Finally for the off the Panthers, the roster could be described as loaded for the beginning of the 2024 season with what has to be considered the x-factor as the newly signed guard Robert Hunt who was taken by the Miami Dolphins but Carolina signed him to a projected 5 year, $100,000,000 contract. 

Take Wyman and Wasserman’s amusing quip, for example: ‘When your starting quarterback stands well under 6 ft, then pass protection should be numero uno. ’ “Carolina’s interior offensive line was the 31st on PFF’s YPA pass-block grade last year robbing Bryce Young blind from his ability to read,” “The team now has former Miami Dolphin Robert Hunt ranked the 7th best guard overall giving up 5 pressures in 2023. ”

In turn, the Panthers’ form of thinking gets followed by Pro Football Focus as it goes on to sign an offensive lineman in the early stages of the offseason. It leaves all to imagine Young being sacked a nearly record figure a season during this rookies season. For the Panthers, Hunt and Damien Lewis the potentiality has been given that unlike his first season, Young won’t be running for his life in the second.

Regarding Pro Football Focus’ rookie prospect, that is the tight end, Ja’Tavion Sanders, who was the fourth-round pick from Texas with signed contracts for a total of $4. 46 million for four years. 

“Carolina started the third day of this year’s draft event by picking up Ja’Tavion Sanders from Texas,” said Pro Football Focus. Sanders is a sure-handed receiver, the Panthers did not drop any balls on 67 targets in 2023 NFL season Based in Carolina, the Panthers are weak at the position of tight end at the moment, with Tommy Tremble being listed as a starter Sanders has what it takes to contend for the role of starter despite being drafted as a fourth round pick.

The national media can be expected to be low on the Panthers even though there could be some valid reasons for this perception. But, this kind of a Panthers iteration seems different from what was witnessed in the previous years. Carolina could have brought a few moments of shock when it is all said and done.